A list of emulators written in the JavaScript programming language
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Links to PCE emulations online
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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ Lastly, if you are into JavaScript, you might enjoy [Echo JS](http://www.echojs. ## Multi-system Emulators - [JSMESS](http://jsmess.textfiles.com) - The JavaScript MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) ([Source](https://github.com/jsmess/jsmess)) -- [PCE](https://github.com/jsdf/pce) - PC emulators in JavaScript (Atari ST, IBM PC 5150, Macintosh, RC759 Piccoline) +- [PCE](https://github.com/jsdf/pce) - PC emulators in JavaScript (Atari ST, [IBM PC 5150](https://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/ibmpc-win/), [Macintosh](https://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js), RC759 Piccoline) - [RetroArch](http://toadking.com/retroarch/) - JavaScript port of RetroArch (bundles Gambatte (Gameboy), Genesis Plus GX, Handy (Lynx), Snes9x Next, VBA Next (GameBoy Advance), Tyrquake and FinalBurn Alpha) ## Miscellaneous