CLI tool to check domain names configuration and statistics
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2021-11-08 10:34No need to have the full BSD 2-Clause license in the header.Frederic Cambus1+5-22
2021-11-04 16:03Remove redundant program name in manual page.Frederic Cambus1+2-2
2021-09-20 09:09Add SPDX short license identifier in source file.Frederic Cambus1+2-0
2021-02-26 12:56Merge pull request #3 from jpmens/patch-1Frederic Cambus1+3-0
2021-02-26 12:31Provide requirements.txtJP Mens1+3-0
2021-02-26 10:06dnc 0.2.0 release.Frederic Cambus1+3-0
2021-02-26 10:03Modify example section to show results for two domains.Frederic Cambus1+16-10
2021-02-24 20:37Modify synopsis in usage() and in the README to add missing switches.Frederic Cambus2+2-2
2021-02-24 20:35Formatting improvements in usage().Frederic Cambus1+15-11
2021-02-24 17:22Add and populate AUTHORS file.Frederic Cambus1+5-0
2021-02-24 17:20Rename script: dnc.py -> dnc.Frederic Cambus1+0-0
2021-02-24 17:19Remove empty installation section from README, update usage example.Frederic Cambus1+2-3
2021-02-24 13:47Populate usage section in the README.Frederic Cambus1+12-0
2021-02-24 13:33Document all possible switches in the manual page and in usage().Frederic Cambus2+16-1
2021-02-24 11:35Formatting fixes.Frederic Cambus1+6-4
2021-02-24 11:34Do not use bare 'except' in the query() function.Frederic Cambus1+1-1
2021-02-24 11:21Linting.Frederic Cambus1+5-3
2021-02-24 11:20Replace elif by if for handling the -v switch.Frederic Cambus1+1-1
2021-02-24 11:19Add a -h switch to display usage information.Frederic Cambus2+13-3
2021-02-08 13:31Add initial manual page.Frederic Cambus1+49-0
2021-01-19 22:00Start populating the requirements section of the README.Frederic Cambus1+8-0
2021-01-19 17:33Remove assigned but never used 'error' local variable.Frederic Cambus1+1-1
2021-01-19 16:31Remove .gitignore, it is not useful anymore at this point.Frederic Cambus1+0-1
2021-01-19 15:41Initial README update for the Python version.Frederic Cambus1+10-24
2021-01-19 15:38Remove the Node.js version, dnc is now written in Python.Frederic Cambus5+0-213
2021-01-19 14:30Add missing + operator for array concatenation.Frederic Cambus1+1-1
2021-01-19 14:22Simplify things regarding how the domain name is displayed.Frederic Cambus1+2-7
2021-01-19 13:52Also catch socket.error exceptions in the tls() function.Frederic Cambus1+1-1
2021-01-19 13:44Linting.Frederic Cambus1+7-6
2021-01-19 13:41Refactor things to allow specifying columns in any possible order.Frederic Cambus1+22-10
2021-01-19 08:55Add a tls function to fetch certificate expiration date.Frederic Cambus1+17-0
2021-01-19 08:51Add type hints for the query function.Frederic Cambus1+2-2
2021-01-17 19:19Use more meaningful variable names everywhere.Frederic Cambus1+10-10
2021-01-04 19:38Get rid of intermediate variables when creating rows.Frederic Cambus1+3-7
2021-01-02 14:20Initial Python version, heading towards dnc 0.2.0.Frederic Cambus1+69-0
2021-01-02 14:20Bump copyright year to 2021.Frederic Cambus1+1-1
2017-02-09 12:59Remove all Twitter mentionsFrederic Cambus1+0-1
2017-02-07 10:43Whitespace fixFrederic Cambus1+1-2
2017-02-03 11:02Use https URLs wherever possibleFrederic Cambus1+3-3
2017-02-03 11:01Update dependenciesFrederic Cambus1+39-37
2017-02-03 11:01Bump copyright yearFrederic Cambus3+5-5
2017-02-03 11:00Formatting fixesFrederic Cambus1+4-4
2016-07-18 11:30Remove THE REGENTS from LICENSEFrederic Cambus1+5-5
2016-01-05 13:48Updating copyright in header + LICENSEFrederic Cambus3+9-7
2014-05-01 20:51Documentation update and version bumpFrederic Cambus4+8-6
2014-05-01 20:28Allow passing domains as arguments (Closes #1)Frederic Cambus2+16-9
2014-02-20 23:44 Version bump and publishing on npmFrederic Cambus3+3-3
2014-02-20 23:41Removing unnecessary dependencyFrederic Cambus2+1-1
2014-02-20 23:32Initial CommitFrederic Cambus7+273-0