BDF to SFD converter, allowing to vectorize bitmap fonts
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Update README: improve description, fill out post-processing and font export sections.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -5,9 +5,11 @@ fonts. It works by converting each pixel of a glyph to a polygon, which produces large and unoptimized SFD files which should be post-processed using [FontForge][3]. -This is a work in progress, and assumes input fonts are 8x16 for now. It -was originally created to create OpenType versions of [Spleen][4], and I'm -curently working on making it a general purpose converter. +It was originally created to create OpenType versions of [Spleen][4], and +is released in the hope it can be useful to convert other fonts as well. +Please be aware that it works best on fonts proportional to 8x16. Other +sizes will work but the aspect ratio will not be preserved. There is +currently little interest in addressing the issue. ## Dependencies @@ -38,8 +40,31 @@ bdf2sfd outputs SFD data to **stdout**. ### Post-processing +The SFD files created by bdf2sfd should be post-processed with FontForge +in order to remove overlap and simplify shapes. + +This can be done as follow: + +``` +fontforge -lang ff -c 'Open("spleen.sfd"); SelectAll(); RemoveOverlap(); Simplify(-1, 1); Save("spleen.sfd")' +``` + ### Producing OTF and TTF fonts +After post-processing, OpenType and/or TrueType fonts can be produced as follow: + +For OTF fonts: + +``` +fontforge -lang ff -c 'Open("spleen.sfd"); Generate("spleen.otf")' +``` + +For TTF fonts: + +``` +fontforge -lang ff -c 'Open("spleen.sfd"); Generate("spleen.ttf")' +``` + ## License bdf2sfd is released under the BSD 2-Clause license. See `LICENSE` file for