ANSI and ASCII art to PNG converter in C
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Date:   Thu, 10 Dec 2015 19:50:23 +0100

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diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog @@ -0,0 +1,30 @@ +Ansilove/C 3.0.0 (2015-12-??) + +- Switching to getopt for parsing command line options +- Removing bits parameters for ADF, IDF, and XBIN loaders +- Adding a mode option to specify CED, Workbench and transparent rendering modes +- Using mode instead of bits to check for rendering modes to enable +- New 'alSelectFont' function returning a structure with font information +- Adding a compat directory and importing 'strtonum' function from OpenBSD +- Made CMakeList more modular, and linking strtonum conditionally +- Remove .diz pre-filtering as it was a remnant of the PHP version +- Using 'strtonum' to parse and validate bits and columns parameter value + before calling the loaders +- Removing unused parameter 'font_size_x' in alDrawChar +- Enabling the '-Wextra' and '-Werror' flags in CMakeLists.txt +- Group checks for CR + LF in the ANSi and PCBoard loaders +- Documentation cleanups and updates + + + +Ansilove/C 2.2.1 (2015-06-28) + +- Switching to CMake to build the project +- Moving source files to the 'src' directory +- Removing legacy Ubuntu compilation script +- Updated documentation (build requirements + instructions) +- Remove MIN macro and use math.h's 'fmin' instead +- Adding Ansilove artwork, both ASCII and ANSI as example files +- Adding 'AUTHORS', 'FILE_ID.DIZ', and 'THANKS' files +- Fixing file extension detection (Close #2) +- Fixing the PCB loader to use logical AND as it should +\ No newline at end of file